Energy Saving Loans
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In partnership with the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE), OPPD is offering Dollar and Energy Saving Loans on pre-qualified projects. Best of all, this program offers OPPD residential customers access to low-interest loans at 3% or less.*   
Follow Three Steps
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Start by completing the required loan applications for the projects of your choice.
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Obtain a quote or bid from the contractor. Don’t sign a contract just yet. 
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Go to an eligible lender. Once you get the green light, move forward! 
* Final annual percentage rates (APR) may vary by lender and loan fees charged.
Are you eligible for this program? 
To qualify for the Dollar and Energy Saving Loan Program, you must meet the following criteria:
  • Be an OPPD customer. 
  • Premise of the project must be completed in OPPD’s Nebraska service territory.
  • Have a property that is permitted for energy-efficient upgrades.  
  • Financial lenders may have additional parameters such as proof of income, credit score, etc.
Wondering where to begin? Find out more and complete an application on the NDEE’s official webpage.
What projects are pre-qualified? 
These are home improvements that can be financed with a low-interest loan for up to 15 years, or for five years for appliance replacements.**

Typical improvements include:

  • Appliance Replacements 
  • Door, Window, Wall and Ceiling Weatherization 
  • HVAC Systems 
  • Lighting Solutions 
  • Wind and Solar Power 
**Loan terms may vary by lender.
How is the loan financed?
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The power to save is yours.
The terms and conditions are a separate part of each application. Please visit the NDEE site for more.
Interested in an Energy-Saving Loan for your business?
Small-to-Medium Business Customers on rate 230 or 231 are eligible.***
Please email or call us at 402-536-4131 if you need help determining your business energy usage billed rate.
***Limited SMB loans are available, please contact your designated OPPD Account Executive prior to applying. Or e-mail OPPD at: 
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How do I check the status of my application?
Contact your lender. Approval of your loan application is subject to NDEE's commitment of funds. After NDEE reviews your project and reserves funds for your loan, your lender will notify you to proceed with your project. 
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Will my credit be checked?
Credit checks are at your lender’s discretion.
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I’m a business customer. Am I eligible? How do I know what rate I’m on? 
Small-to-Medium Business Customers on rate 230 or 231 are eligible.* 
Limited SMB loans are available, please contact your designated OPPD Account Executive prior to applying.
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Where do I start? 
The process can be found under the “Getting a Loan for Pre-qualified Projects” section of NDEE’s Dollar and Energy Savings Program
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What if I move? Do I still have to pay?
Refer to your lender repayment agreement(s). 
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Can I also apply for OPPD rebates?
Yes. Here are our current rebate programs. Please review eligibility criteria prior to application.

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Is there a limit to how much I can borrow?
Yes, the Dollar and Energy Saving Loan Program limits are outlined in the measures chart above.
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What can I use the money for?
Eligible measures for the Dollar and Energy Saving Loan Program are outlined in the list above.
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What lenders participate in this program?
Find eligible lenders here. Please note that not all eligible lenders may choose to participate.
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Need help? Here’s who to contact.
  • OPPD is not involved in program administration or determining eligibility. 
  • For questions regarding loan repayment, contact your lender. 
  • For any other program questions, please contact NDEE: 
Phone: (402) 471-2186 
Toll Free: (877) 253-2603 
Fax: (402) 471-2909